Solarglide’s very own – Andrew Payne

My Role:

As Project Manager my key duty is to help clients with projects that have multiple products requirements. I help guide clients from enquiry and quotation to order and installation.  I have to balance the budget and expectations to deliver a commercially viable solution for both parties.  There is a lot of multitasking within a project management role, often having to coordinate individuals within the Client’s business, some of which are extended teams because there are various layers to their business structure; coordinating suppliers and ensuring materials are ordered on time, liaising with production team to overcome technical barriers and also making sure materials are delivered to proceed with production.  I get involved in operational decisions with the management team and also have an input into the customer journey to improve their overall experience whilst working with us.

A typical day in Project Management:

I live between my phone, email, and quotation documents. As we work in a global industry, mornings tend to be spent catching up on correspondence that has come in overnight from our clients in Asia and Oceania. Late morning to mid afternoon is spent working on the larger quotations and liaising with the production team and suppliers; towards the end of the day I’m in cahoots with our clients over in the US, Canada, and South American markets.

The highs of Project Management:

I get a fantastic buzz and a feeling of pride knowing that a vessel is sailing the seas with our handmade products. I love it when we see some of these vessels on TV and I enjoy lecturing anyone who cares to listen, about what we did on that vessel.

This role gives me a lot of freedom to think on my feet. I get a buzz from coming up with ‘out of the box’ solutions for clients with specialist demands, making things that were thought to be impossible, possible.  Finally, I love the running of a project – bringing multiple strands together into one package that meets the exact clients expectations.

The challenges of Project Management:

Sometimes the pressure can be intense, it is just the way the maritime industry works… lead times can be extremely short due to vessel build schedules, and clients tend to have needed everything yesterday. However this keeps me on my toes, whilst I love bringing together all aspects of a project the frustrating part is when we have delays caused by factors that are out of our control (e.g. fabric supply lead time).  This can be pretty stressful, but we always find a way to deliver on time.

My vision for the future:

I see Solarglide becoming the number one turnkey solution for the maritime industry when it comes to window coverings. From: commercial, cruise and yacht; across bridges, cabins, crew areas and public spaces – I hope to see us become the supplier of choice for direct clients, marine outfitters, procurement teams and more.

Facts about Andrew…

  • He once climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
  • He is a big CrossFit enthusiast
  • He completed the Great North Run
  • He can play the guitar
  • He has never been on a rollercoaster

If you’d like to speak to Andrew about your next project, drop him an email via [email protected]

What the team think about Andrew…

He’s always on the ball with every project he works on and has impeccable dress sense, like a mini Frasier Crane!


Andrew is very polite, if you call from abroad and believe we all still drink tea and eat crumpets, he is the closest to the quintessential Englishman we have at Solarglide


He’s a chameleon, adapts to suit the needs of his clients & colleagues, but overall extremely professional and a delight to work with!


Andrew’s a great organiser, communicator and catalogue model in his spare time. He's a true asset to the team.


Andrew's very organised, proactive in every aspect and willing to help anyone with anything, including wrapping and dispatch.