Solarglide’s very own – Lee Hagan

My Role:

I’m responsible for the day to day running of Warehouse Operations, Production, Stock & Quality Control and once we get back to some normality, I will also be conducting surveys and installations. “Balancing spinning plates” as they say, has become my speciality as every day is a multi-task operation.  From liaising with suppliers to making sure we have the right amount of stock  to managing the production plan and making sure we stay on top of deadlines.  I also oversee quality control as part of the ISO standard, whether it be an off the shelf product or a made to measure item, it has to be perfect or it doesn’t leave my hands.

A typical day in Production:

No two days are the same in my role so I can’t really explain a typical day; one minute I’ll be manufacturing an order of Aluminium Venetians or hand crafting some Faux Leather blinds and the next day I could be sorting out a huge Curtain order for a cruise liner across the globe.  To achieve this I have to make sure the packaging and logistics are in place to deliver on time.  This is made easier by the co-ordination of our Admin and Project teams who really step up to the plate when we’re under pressure.  We’re all about teamwork here and I can safely put on record that their professionalism and skills are really appreciated by fellow team members and our Clients.

The highs of Production:

I genuinely enjoy seeing people smile, whether that is a Client or a colleague… that, ultimately is my goal.  Solarglide HQ is all about collaboration and stress levels can hit boiling point at times, as it can in any industry, but by supporting each other, solving problems together and delivering together – you’re on a path to success.

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting around a table to discuss projects, watching everyone ‘do their bit’, seeing the manufacturing running like clockwork and waving that neatly packaged order off on its logistical journey.  The icing on the cake is seeing the contentment of a job well done and the positive feedback from our Clients.  That is why I work at Solarglide HQ – a pat on the back and well done goes a long way.

The challenges of Production:

The dreaded words “Lee is there any chance” late in the afternoon.  This is usually one of our team under pressure to meet a last minute request or a deadline being brought forward, asking me if I can make a late adjustment in the production plan.  As we work exclusively with the maritime industry, this is all too common as we have clients all over the globe.  These vessels are rarely docked for a long time, so we have to be fluid in order to accommodate unforeseen changes, it can’t be helped and I always get a thank you and a cup of coffee out of it, so it’s not all bad.

My vision for the future:

I’d simply like to see us continue to grow in the fashion that we have since I joined the company.  We have our core team and products in place, but now we’re putting plans into action for the future.  It’s now about how we can grow our Client base and deliver in ways that others cannot, we already have the wheels in motion. As an example the planning and implementation of sustainability within our business is something we continually review and are making progress with. For my own future, I’d like to be more heavily involved in project planning as we evolve into the number one window covering supplier.

Facts about Lee…

  • He lived in the Netherlands for a year
  • He spent some time in South Africa as a child in the 80’s, a beautiful place.
  • He’d loves exploring Shetland.  It’s his escape to recharge the batteries, heaven on earth. ( The pic above is at the Mavis Grind in Shetland, on one side of the road is the North Sea, the other side The Atlantic Ocean).
  • He loves travelling and has a bucket list of places to visit.

If you’d like to speak to Lee, drop him an email via [email protected]

What the team think about Lee…

Lee does anything for anybody, he's an optimist and perfectionist. If an item doesn't meet his standard, it doesn't go out to a Client.


My main technical problem solver go to for everything, he is always willing to give a helping hand, great to work with and no one can beat his wrapping skills!


A fantastic person, professional and a down right good laugh. Lee has an amazing eye for detail and makes sure everything leaving our warehouse is to the top standard.


Lee is fantastic to work with! He doesn’t come to work every day to just get the job done, he genuinely takes pride in his work and cares about the company!


Lee genuinely cares what customers receive is of the highest quality; from production to packaging and presentation of our products.