Solarglide’s very own – Kyle Renwick

My Role:

Currently 5 years into the role, providing products protected by 5-7-10 year guarantees and installing 3,800 screens annually on almost every type of ship you can imagine, not only are quality levels assured, you also have access to the best in class after sales support.

And that’s where the Sales Coordinator role at Solarglide truly starts, after you have installed your first screen/curtain/wiper. Many vessel owners and purchasing managers who use Solarglide operate more than 1 vessel, we remain supplier of choice by making your life as easy as possible, only being a call/email away, no matter what stage of the project you are at.

We’ll make sure that you keep within budget, know when and where you order will arrive and are happy with the technical aspects of your order.  So you can help ensure your crew and passengers  feel relaxed.

A typical day in Sales:

Our worldwide Agents play a crucial role supporting you in your local area, and a large part of my role is to ensure your local contact has the information and resources they need, to give you the best advice.

Whether this is fitting a window covering to a simple standard shaped window or a completely bespoke window that your architect channelled Salvador Dali when designing; your local Agent will be on hand to walk you through each stage of the process, backed by us at Solarglide’s head office in the UK.

The highs of Sales:

  • Working with a group of people who care more about the company doing well than just themselves.  Each willing to help out no matter what their job title is.
  • Being involved with products that have genuine value and benefit to a vessel.
  • Getting to see the company grow and develop over time.

The challenges of Sales:

Overseeing multiple unrelated tasks, all with urgent deadlines. Secretly this is a blessing in disguise, because if you also work in a lean, up and coming business, you know it feels good looking back at the end of the year to see the amount of progress made, which is built on everyone putting in the effort consistently day in, day out.

My vision for the future:

With new advancements in vessel architecture and progress being made with automised driving ships similar to Tesla cars, the future is exciting. Ultimately, we show up each day to help make peoples lives a little easier and that goal will never change.

If you’d like to speak to Kyle, drop him an email via [email protected]

What the team think about Kyle…

Kyle is just an ocean of calm, he never seems stressed and is always willing to help. If we adopted a 'Be more Kyle' approach, the world will be a better place.


A a power house of the business, Kyle is one of the most committed colleagues I have ever had the pleasure of working with, he has always been there to help me with any difficult problem that needs a solution.


Kyle is the knowledge tree of the office, he is my go to for everything - Always willing to be there for a helping hand ranging from dealing with sales, wrapping and dispatch to import and export. He is the most calm person I know and has the patience of an absolute saint, which is something I definitely take note of and look up to every day!


Kyle is the iceman, cool, calm and collected, the Matrix (film) had Neo, Solarglide has Kyle. If he were a boat, there wouldn't be a ripple in the water.