Custom Made Window Manifestations for the maritime industry…

Glass manifestations are adhesive window films that are cut to specific shapes, sizes and designs.

They are normally applied to glazed areas within offices or private spaces such as holiday apartment balcony doors.  Their primary function is to offer protection from people walking into the glass and causing an injury.

(Let’s admit, we’ve all had a giggle at YouTube videos showing just how easy it is to walk into a pane of glass!)

Thankfully, over the years technology has evolved to enable branded and large format printing of the film.  This offers personalisaton of glass partitions and gives directional support in large areas such as cruise ships.

Here at Solarglide HQ, we’ve installed maritime themed manifestations on internal glass partitions and our board room.  The designs incorporate our company logo, binoculars, anchors and ships wheel… after all the maritime industry is our passion.

The opaque internal graphics were designed and printed in house, then installed by our team of professional window film specialists.  Not only does it have a functional use, but they enhance our new office and are a great way to showcase our own products to visitors.

Did you know…

  • We offer opaque and coloured bespoke window manifestations
  • Manifestations are a great addition to large outfitting projects
  • We offer a remove and replace installation service
  • We design, print and install onboard.  No need to co-ordinate suppliers and contractors!