What does Brexit mean for our EU customers?

At present the transition period ends on the 31st December 2020, the UK Government and the EU have not yet come to a trade agreement.

In the event of a ‘No Deal’ a degree of flexibility is needed between UK and EU businesses as we enter an uncertain period.

What implications does a ‘No Deal’ mean to businesses?

Should ‘No Deal’ decision be reached, in theory it may mean that there may be additional tariffs, taxes and checks between the borders.  It may also mean delays to goods being shipped, as border control implement stringent checks and comply with temporary regulations.

Reassuringly, some member states are already preparing for a ‘No Deal’ scenario to reduce such delays.

Why should I continue to trade with a UK business?

UK businesses, such as Solarglide, continue to offer high quality services and products regardless of the Brexit outcome.  We would encourage any EU business to speak to their UK network to alleviate any immediate concerns.

At present, we are in discussions with our EU Clients to advise them of our contingency plans should a ‘No Deal’ decision be made.  We continue to have strong relationships with our EU network and severing this at present would mean they would have to source alternatives, which is timely and costly, offering no guarantee of equal quality.

It is unlikely that any UK exporter can offer specific guarantees that there will be no disruption to service, particularly at border control.  However, we are working closely with our logistical chain to monitor any Government updates.

Please check back regularly for updates.