Marine Window Wipers

SG Clearview

The SG Clearview wiper helps to maintain constant visibility on deck in the harshest conditions. Unlike conventional wipers that allow rain, snow, and spray to return to the window between strokes, the Clearview’s motor-driven toughened glass disc spins at speeds of up to 1,400rpm to provide unrestricted visibility. With 2 operating speeds, your crew can navigate safely no matter what conditions they’re faced with.

Constructed with toughened glass and a water-tight sea resistant aluminium frame, the Clearview wiper is easily fitted within existing bridge windows. Once installed, the robust, durable design needs no maintenance. Heated versions are available for vessels operating in colder climates.

To find out how Clearview wipers will keep your crew safe when navigating in the toughest of environments, or to request a quote, get in touch today.

Product Benefits:

100% visibility at all times
Prevents fogging & condensation issues
Works in the harshest environments
Available in 12V DC, 24V DC, 110V AC & 220V AC models
Constructed from sea water resistant aluminium
Suitable for all types of vessel, crane and oil rigs

Options Available:

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