Faux Leather Venetian Blinds

Luxury Leather Blinds for Yachts & Cruise Ships

Window blinds form an integral part of a yacht’s interior design, so your luxury yacht or cruiseliner needs luxury blinds to give your passengers the best possible experience.

Solarglide’s faux leather venetian blinds are the ultimate luxury window shading for yachts and cruise interiors.

Venetian blinds create onboard privacy whilst allowing lots of light into the interior space. The user can either tilt the slats to alter the light percentage, or draw the blinds upwards for stunning, full panoramic views of that wonderful Mediterranean or Caribbean Sea.

Handcrafted, stitched, and wrapped by our talented production team, the Faux Leather Venetian Blinds are much sturdier than your typical blinds, offering the highest levels of quality to your crew and passengers.

If you want to exude real luxury, Solarglide’s faux leather venetian blinds are the perfect chic addition to your master cabins and top-end rooms and suites.

Styling Options 

With over 40 colours in the range, the blinds can be made to match any maritime interior and will be completely bespoke to your vessel.

Each blind comes with discreet cable guide wires to avoid movement and damage during voyages with optional colour matched tapes that cover visible cords. They are also child safe, making them a suitable choice for all marine environments.

Sizing Options

The Faux Leather Venetian Blinds are available as 35mm or 50mm slats. They can be installed on inclined or standard windows. Suitable for rectangular or square windows.

Want to know more? Our pleasure:

40 colour options available to match any marine interior
Colours include cream, white, black, navy blue and silver
Available as 35mm or 50mm venetian slats
Plain soft touch fabrics
Wire guide system with chrome base fittings
Bespoke and handcrafted
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