Polarised Solar Film

SG Polarised Film

Polarised Solar Film can be applied to non-navigational windows to reduce solar heat and control glare whilst allowing light to pass through.

Adhesive Polarised (photochromic) window film, combined with nanoceramic technology, reacts to the sun automatically. Applied to the inside of your glass, it will change the tint of your glazing according to the varying sunlight.  Offering an effective and reliable protection from solar heat without mechnical or electrical use.

Available in a range of sizes and colours to suit your operating environment, installing polarised solar film is a cost-effective way to control onboard temperatures and glare while reducing air conditioning use.

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Up-to 80% solar glare reduction
Hard scratch resistant layer
Cut your onboard energy costs
Durable, Marine tested
REACH RoHS compliant
Available by the roll, by the metre, or cut to size

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