Twin Roller Blinds

SG Dual 24

The SG Dual 24 twin roller blinds provide 24-hour protection and comfort for your onboard spaces. The unique twin roller blind design, housed in a single cassette, can combine any of the films, fabrics, and colours from across our range for a complete day to night solution.

The SG Dual 24 twin roller blinds can be tailored to solve the challenges you may face onboard. Keep spaces cool and reduce the harmful impact of the sun with solar film or dimout fabric. Swap to a blackout fabric at night to provide privacy and a restful night for your passengers and crew.

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Provides a complete day to night solution
Select the combination that’s right for your vessel
Reduce onboard temperatures by up to 15ºC
Choose from a range of IMO/MED fabrics
Cut your onboard energy costs
Durable, hard wearing, Marine tested
Unobtrusive designs to fit any shaped window
Provide onboard privacy, security and comfort, day or night

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