Solarglide’s Blackout screens help the crew get a ‘kraken’ nights sleep onboard the Suezmax Tanker.

The Solution

Onboard a ship or oil rig, having a good night’s sleep is paramount, without the correct amount of sleep it can cause moodiness, irritability, slowed responses, as well as impaired decision making and bad judgements. This is the exact scenario where human error can occur, which can ultimately lead to accidents at sea.

The Commission

Recently, Solarglide supplied seventeen cassetted blackout screens with Dart fabric to FPSO* vessel ‘Kraken’ – a converted Suezmax tanker that plays a key role in the global offshore oil industry. The vessel is currently operating in the Kraken oil field in the northern region of the North Sea, in the United Kingdom. The giant vessel has the capacity to process up to 460,000 barrels of fluids per day and 80,000 barrels per day of oil.

The Guarantee

Solarglide blackout screens block out all light transmission through the fabric improving the sleep of the crew. If a crew member sleeps well and feels totally rested, they are likely to be less stressed, able to think more clearly and get along better with work colleagues. In the long-term overall company productivity improves. Dart fabric is a PVC material, that is low maintenance, wipe clean and moisture resistant which all contributes to a long product life cycle. All fabrics offered across the full product range are FR IMO approved, and suitable for marine environments where humidity can change rapidly.