Marine Blackout Screens

Red Ensign MED Approved Privacy Blinds for Ships, Ferries and Cruiseliners

Are you looking for IMO MED Red Ensign Approved blackout blinds for your ship, cruise liner or ferry?  Solarglide privacy blinds use innovative marine blackout fabrics and robust operating mechanisms to regulate the amount of light entering cabins and public spaces onboard.

Solarglide marine approved blackout screens provide both privacy and comfort for crew and passengers. They create ideal sleeping conditions night or day, and they help to moderate the interior temperature when travelling between different climates. In hot climates they keep cabins cool by reflecting away unwanted glare and heat, and in warmer conditions they help retain the heat inside the interior space. Both scenarios having a positive impact on the vessels (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) HVAC costs.

Proven to eliminate up to 99% of incoming light (through the fabric), passengers and crew can accurately control incoming light, visibility, and heat levels. Solarglide blackout fabrics are hard wearing, easy to clean, flame retardant (BS5867, Part 2: Type B 2008 ) and mould resistant.

Solarglide offer four marine blackout fabric ranges, which can be viewed in the ‘Colour Collections’ section below. There are two standard fabric ranges to consider; DART is a PVC based IMO FR fabric and CARNIVAL is a sustainable IMO FR fabric that uses recycled polyester yarns.  Furthermore, there are two MED (Red Ensign Approved) fabric ranges for Cruise & Ferry projects that seek a greater level of compliance. Everything you need to know about our Marine Blackout Screens

Solarglide’s blackout fabrics eliminate > 99% of incoming light and can reduce internal temperatures by up to 10°C in warm climates. DART and CARNIVAL fabrics are IMO FR approved and are available in twenty-three unique colours. Alongside these standard blackout fabric ranges, Solarglide also offer two ranges of MED Red Ensign approved blackout fabrics. Collectively, these two MED ranges offer a further fourteen neutral colours. Technical data sheets for all ranges can be found below in the ‘Colour Collections’ section.

Solarglide blackout screens are available as cassetted or non cassetted blind solutions; they can be manually operated, battery operated, hard wired or motorised.  Standard manual operating mechanisms include single or double pulley system, centre pull handle, level pegs, sidewinder chain with optional side channels or cable guides.

Providing both privacy and security, Solarglide marine approved blackout blinds are robust and durable, ensuring improved sleeping conditions for crew and passengers alike. Powder coated cassette and bottom rail profiles come in white or light grey, with further unique RAL colours available on request.