Maritime IMO Ship Curtains

IMO & MED Curtains for Ships, Yachts, Cruiseliners & Ferries

From luxurious statement pieces to functional yet attractive window dressings, Solarglide’s marine curtain collection offers a dynamic range of fabrics and services for both new build and retrofit offshore projects.  Here at Solarglide, we understand the importance of style and functionality and make it our priority to help passengers and crew feel comfortable and well-rested with marine shading solutions that work.

All Solarglide ship curtains are handmade and manufactured in the UK by our experienced curtain production team. Choose your style, fabric type, colour, fullness and backing lining then let our experienced team do the rest.

Choosing the correct marine curtains for your vessel’s interior is an integral part of your cabins design. Solarglide’s curtains provide comfort, privacy and warmth, with light controlling features. Solarglide’s curtains are exported all around the world and can be found on cruise liners, ships, and yachts, globally.

If fabrics are already specified by an interior designer, we will source them on your behalf from our fabric supplier network. We have strong relationships with UK and international fabric manufacturers and mills; tell us what you want, and we’ll do the leg work so you can focus on other things.

Alternatively, we have a selection of maritime fabrics in the ‘Colour Collections’ section below that are IMO FR approved and suitable for most maritime environments. MED approved curtain fabrics are also available by the batch, upon request for more specialist marine outfitting projects.

In the world of marine curtains, we talk about fullness. This refers to the amount of fabric used in a curtain. The more fabric used, the more fullness the curtains have. More fabric equals a richer look, more sound absorption, and more protection from light. While we offer a full range of fullness, for a luxury finish for your cabins and suites, we’d recommend 200% fullness or greater.

To find out more about our marine curtains, and how they can benefit your vessel check out our product slideshow:  

Solarglide Curtains and Sheers Fabric Choices for Cruise liners, Ferries, Vessels and Luxury Yachts – YouTube

Marine Curtains for Commercial and Military Ship Curtains

Solarglide marine curtains are an essential product for commercial and military ships. They create additional privacy for crew , radiate heat and glare away in when in warmer climates and help retain interior heat in the colder months.

Marine Curtains for Cruise ship and Ferry Curtains

Some of the finest curtains in the world are showcased onboard ferries and cruise ships. Solarglide marine curtains offer the finishing interior touches to cabins, suites, public spaces, and crew areas. High quality, excellent craftmanship, and an exclusive selection of fabrics.

Marine Curtains for Yachts and Superyacht Cutains

Where luxury is expected, Solarglide curtains for yachts and superyachts tick all the boxes. Internationally sourced fabrics, bespoke hand made products that are made to measure, and colour matched. Manual or motorised curtain tracks and accessories available along with 24/7 support.

Marine Curtains for Oil Rigs and Offshore Module Curtains

Marine curtains are used on oil rigs, accommodation blocks and offshore modules globally. They keep interior spaces cool during daylight hours and improve offshore operations; essential for static platforms that are at the mercy of prolonged sunshine.

Marine Curtains for Offshore Crane Curtains

Marine Curtains can be used on cranes when they are not in use. A curtain helps to keep a cabin cool when the operator clocks off for the day and indicates to others that the crane is not in use at that time.

We offer a range of recommendations for dimout, blackout, patterned and velvet fabrics including a selection of batching linings.

All fabrics and linings are IMO FR certified.

If you require additional support selecting fullness percentage, headrails or header styles please get in touch and the Solarglide team will be happy to offer guidance

Pencil pleat curtains are so called because they look like a line of pencils when hung. The folds of the fabric are tightly gathered to create the look and provide a neat and pleasingly uniform look to your curtains.

Pinch pleat curtains use a narrow, short pleat and are ideal where windows are smaller and need a more compact curtain.

Wave curtains have no gathering or pleating across the top. Instead, a twisting curve creates fluid folds to fall directly below the rail.

Pre-cut and ready to fit powder coated aluminium headrails.
Plastic and metal curtain hooks available.
Joining pieces for larger widths available.
We offer the complete turnkey package with our curtains.
Choose between manual or motorised curtain rails.
Strong network of UK and International Fabric Manufacturers.