Marine Curtains, Drapes, Sheers and Voiles

Elevate your onboard spaces with our extensive range of Curtains, Sheers & Voiles and Roman Blinds. All of these products are handcrafted by our experienced team of skilled tailors to meet all of your requirements. With over 200 fabric and colours to choose from, we have the right solution for you.


Enhance the onboard experience for your passengers and keep your crew comfortable and well rested with SG Curtains. Choose from our 200 specialist Marine approved fabrics to find the right choice for your vessel.

Sheers & Voiles

Bring a light, airy, and contemporary feel to your onboard spaces with a choice of IMO/MED approved fabrics and colours with SG Sheers and Voiles.

Roman Blinds

Our SG Roman Blinds are a stylish and versatile way to enrich your passenger areas, public spaces, and luxury suites.

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