Standard Marine Pleated Blinds

FR Honeycomb Pleated Blind Technology

Solarglide’s pleated blinds for yachts, cruiseliners and riverboat cruisers are available in both manually operated and motorised forms. The honeycomb pleated blinds act as a subtle shading solution, and are ideal for passenger areas on cruiseliners and riverboats as well as forward and aft yacht windows. Our marine pleated blinds consist of one single fabric type, either dimout or blackout and are available in a variety of standard and non-standard shapes. Furthermore, if  onboard windows are awkwardly shaped and large, we can offer a bespoke pleated blind system with L-bracket edging providing 100% coverage of the glass.

Solarglide are experts in providing pleated blind solutions for trapezoidal and irregular shaped windows. The gallery images below show a recent riverboat project, where the owners struggled to find a shading solution for a series of awkwardly shaped ensuite cabin windows. Following a survey, Solarglide were able to provide a motorised pleated solution that not only worked effortlessly, but covered 100% of the glass.

Solarglide uses honeycomb blind technology for glare reduction and to regulate thermal performance. This technology eliminates visible strings and unsightly holes that can normally be seen in standard pleated blinds.

All Solarglide fabrics are flame retardant and come in a range of nine blackout colours and nine dimout fabrics, these colours are shown in the ‘Colour Collections’ section below.

What are pleated blinds?

A pleated blind is made with a series of concertina folds that stretch out evenly across the window opening. A lightweight, high-quality blind that is easy to operate and can be set at any level on the window. When not in use, the blind can be stacked at the top or bottom of the window without restricting the external viewpoint. Even windows with large heights have a small compact stacking volume, allowing maximum light into the interior space when non-operational.


The upper cassette and bottom rail profiles are compact in size (22.8mm w x 15.7mm h), so perfectly suited to narrow windows or those windows without a recess. Three bracket sizes are available for installation which include our standard top fix, face fix (short) and face fix (extended) for avoiding obstructions such as window heaters or wiper systems.

Profile Colours 

Profile colours include white, anthracite grey, brown, or silver.

Standard Window Shapes

Solarglide Pleated blinds shapes

Cruiseliners and Ferry Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are an effective and sophisticated shading solution for large or awkwardly shaped windows found onboard cruise ships and ferries. They offer high levels of glass coverage for shaped windows where a roller blind or a curtain may not be appropriate. Our specialist pleated blinds use either a dimout or a blackout honeycomb fabric and come with a slim line stacking system, meaning maximum clear visibility when the blind is not in use. These stylish blinds are particularly suited to public spaces, sloped lounge windows, roof windows or large ensuite windows.

Yachts and Superyacht Pleated Blinds

When it comes to awkwardly shaped windows, yachts and superyachts take first prize. Yacht windows are often inverted, irregular, bevelled, curved, or angled with little space for fixing a blind into position. This is where Solarglide pleated blinds takes president over other bulkier blinds systems. Solarglide pleated blinds are slimline, lightweight, adaptable, and simple to operate. Here at Solarglide we will custom make your pleated blind to fit the individual window perfectly, this can be done by organising a site visit or from technical yacht drawings.

Flame retardant fabric range
Honeycomb technology (no visible strings or holes)
Anthracite grey, white, anodised silver, or brown profiles
Colour matched brackets and handles
Manual or motorised operation available
L Bracket available to block light down sides (optional)