Type Approved Boat Window Films

Adhesive Solar Protective Film for flat non-navigational ship windows

Solarglide’s Solar Film range is the perfect solution to keep your vessel, crew and passengers cool in even the hottest of environments. Carefully applied to window interiors, these Type Approved films reduce solar heat and glare while leaving the windows transparent with a slight interior tint. Adhesive films are a cost-effective alternative to window blinds and curtains, and if installed professionally, come with a 10-year warranty.

Solarglide window films help to reduce interior heat by up to 10°C while also limiting the need for air-conditioning units to be maxed out thus reducing long term energy costs – it’s a winner all round.

Ideal for non-navigational windows including restaurants, passenger areas, viewing areas and cabins, the films come in a range of three colours: Reflective Silver, Low Mirror Neutral Grey, and Low Mirror Bronze. Be aware that our films can be installed on some roof windows of the wheelhouse but are not permitted on main navigational windows. Solarglide Type Approved solar screens are the recommended solution for bridge navigational windows as they can be retracted away at night or during poor weather conditions.

Furthermore, our ‘Low Mirror Neutral Grey’ and ‘Reflective Silver’ range (shades 20/35/50) are Lloyds Register Type Approved. Another world first from Solarglide, leading the way in improving maritime safety standards for ship windows.

99% UV reduction, preventing furnishings from fading
10-year product warranty when installed professionally
For internal glass installation only
Solarglide also survey, install and remove old existing film for those who need extra onboard support. But if you’re hoping to fit the solar films yourself, we provide a comprehensive installation guide and optional installation kit. Adhesive film takes time to cure once installed and there are many factors that can affect the curing time. For full technical details about industry standard cure times, edge gaps, visibility etc please follow the link to download the technical data sheet Glass and Glazing Federation Document 

Solarglide performance statistic table window films

Commercial and Military Ship Window Films

Solarglide type approved adhesive window films are used on tankers, containerships, workboats, and military ships worldwide to protect crew and passengers from the dangers of prolonged sunshine. Internally fitted, they come with a 10-year product warranty.

Cruiseship and Ferries Window Films

Out of all seagoing vessels in the world, cruiseliners and ferries boost the highest volume of windows, and some of the biggest. Therefore, it’s important for the safety of both crew and passengers that the windows are protected from solar heat and glare whilst travelling through sunny climates. Solarglide adhesive window films are a cost-effective solution and an alternative to blinds and curtains.

Oil Rigs and Offshore Module Window Films

Oil rigs and offshore modules are static in our oceans meaning they are subject to 360-degree sunshine during the warmer months. Therefore, it’s important that the windows onboard have adequate solar protection for workers and crew. Cool cabins and crew areas are essential to ensure crew can rest during shifts, thus always maintaining a high standard of productivity onboard.

Offshore Crane Cabin Window Films

Tinted window films are not permitted on navigational crane windows; however, they can be used as a visor covering a small section of the upper window or for windows behind the operator chair that are deemed non-navigational windows.