Roman Blinds for Ships

IMO & MED Roman Blinds for Ships Cruiseliners, Ferries and Yachts

Roman blinds were originally invented by the Romans to shield their homes from the dust kicked up by horses and carriages on busy roads. Fast forward 2,000 years to present day and the product is still as popular as ever in the world of maritime interior design.

Solarglide decorative folded cabin blinds are a stylish and functional way to dress marine windows on board cruise ships, ferries, and luxury yachts. Often paired up with standard curtains or sheers, they provide layers and warmth to any cabin or public space. Cabin blinds are made up of one flat piece of fabric which gradually folds as the operational controls are pulled. The operating sidewinder chain allows the fabric to form neat folds, while the fabric lays flat against the window when closed. Devilishly simple and exceptionally stylish.

If fabrics are already specified by an interior designer, Solarglide will source them on behalf of our clients (domestically or internationally). We have strong relationships with UK and international fabric manufacturers and mills; tell us what you want, and we’ll do the leg work so you can focus on other things.

Alternatively, we have a selection of fabrics in the ‘Colour Selections’ section below that are IMO FR approved and suitable for maritime environments. Still can’t find what you’re looking for; don’t worry our team is here to help. MED Approved fabrics are also available upon batch request for more specialist passenger vessel projects .

Roman blind options and details

Every one of our stylish folded blinds are handmade in the UK by our talented team of expert tailors. They’re all child-safe and are delivered to you as complete units, ready to hang. This means they arrive with rails and fixings saving crucial time during time bound projects

Solarglide cabin blinds are made to exact size of the individual window, they are operated by a robust and stylish sidewinder chain; additional guide systems for added stability are also available upon request. We recommend that roman blinds are blackout lined to give added fullness to the product, this also helps to retain more heat during the colder months.

Maritime Roman Blinds for Cruise ships and Ferry Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a popular shading solution for ferry and cruise ship windows. Solarglide roman blinds are high-quality, hand-crafted maritime blinds that are suitable for both small and large ship windows. Choose from our exclusive fabric range, or nominate a specified fabric and Solarglide will source, manufacture, supply and install (optional).

Maritime Roman Blinds for Yachts and Superyacht Roman Blinds

Solarglide bespoke onboard blinds for yachts and super yachts offer the ultimate luxury for owners, crew, and passengers. Solarglide will help you create an exclusive interior that offers the WOW factor; sure to impress those guests coming onboard.

Maritime Cabin Blinds for Oil Rigs and Offshore Modules

Solarglide maritime blinds are the ideal shading solution for oil rigs, accommodation blocks and offshore modules. They keep cabins and crew areas cool during daylight hours; and are an essential product for static platforms subjected to prolonged sunshine.

Optional cable guide support systems
Sidewinder chain operation for manual roman blinds
Hard wired or remote controlled motorised roman blinds
IMO and MED fabric ranges
Blackout linings are provided for added fullness & luxury
Three-year product warranty

Colour Collections :