Marine Pantograph Wipers

Electric and Pneumatic Pantograph Window Wipers For Ships

Keep visibility clear at all times with Pantograph Windscreen Wipers. Available as both electric and pneumatic powered wipers, Pantograph Windscreen Wipers are manufactured using the highest quality marine approved materials to withstand even the most turbulent weather conditions.  The fully integrated system is ideal for ships, cruise liners and ferries

What is a Pantograph Marine Window Wiper?

Pantograph wipers are a reliable alternative to Straightline wipers. The blades move in a sweeping motion, similar to wipers you see on an automobile, except on a much bigger scale and normally with many more windows to accommodate. Pantograph wipers can be pivoted at the top of the window, at the bottom of the window, or both. They can also be placed side by side for maximum water clearance on windows that have large pantographic widths. The purpose of the pantograph wiper is to clear large quantities of rain and wave water, quickly and effectively, so a high level of visibility can be maintained at all times.

What is the difference between Electric and Pneumatic systems?

Electric window wipers are powered by motors and are integrated into a ship’s electrical system. Pneumatic window wipers rely on the ship’s air supply and are used in hazardous area situations where electric power is not permitted or accessible.

Sizing Options

The arc angle of the Pantograph Window Wipers ranges from 35 to 90°. Standard bulkhead thickness is 10mm, but is available in 20, 40 and 75mm options. The Solarglide team will advise you and offer recommendations to ensure you get the best solution for your vessel. We also provide technical drawings and comprehensive installation and maintenance guides with every order.

The Solarglide team will advise you and offer recommendations to ensure you get the best solution for your vessel. We also provide technical drawings and comprehensive installation and maintenance guides with every order.

Marine Pantograph Wipers for Commercial and Military Ships

All commercial ships (including military vessels) require a robust marine window wiper system to ensure clear visibility during rough sea conditions or heavy storms; without a reliable wiper system, ships would not be able to operate effectively costing both time and money to owners. Pantograph wiper systems for ships are extremely effective at removing rainwater in a controlled semi-circle wipe motion.  Controlled from bridge area, pantograph wipers are an essential navigation product for maintaining crew and vessel safety during continuous commercial voyages.

Marine Pantograph Wipers for Cruiseship and Ferries

Cruiseliners and ferries have large, often deep bridge windows with large surface areas. Pantograph wipers offer a large targeted curved wipe area for good visibility on navigational windows – like wiper systems seen on cars but on a bigger scale. Pantograph wipers can be installed at both the top and the bottom of the windows for maximum wipe coverage.  Strong stainless-steel arms and marine suitable blades make the pantograph system a robust and reliable marine navigational product for global passenger ships

Marine Pantograph Wipers for Oil Rigs and Offshore Platforms

Safety onboard oil rigs and offshore platforms in paramount, and although these platforms are mostly stationary, it’s still very important to have clear unhindered viability of all areas. Pneumatic pantograph air driven wiper systems are the perfect choice for hazardous offshore areas; Solarglide offer a range of bespoke pneumatic pantograph wipers for such a situation,  when electric wiper systems are not allowed for safety reasons.

Marine Pantograph Wipers for Yachts and Superyachts

Pantograph marine wiper systems are the perfect wiper solution for yacht and superyacht windows, as they are not as bulky as a straightline wiper system. The dynamic stainless steel pantograph arms and durable blades are well suited to curved forward windows, offering great wipe coverage and clear visibility for yachts when needed.

Marine Pantograph Wipers for Offshore Cranes

Visibility is extremely important for crane operations as the cabin is open to all weather conditions. So, as well as good sun protection, a crane cabin also needs a robust and reliable pantograph wiper system to allow daily operations to be carried out on time and in a safe manner. Pantograph window wipers can be added to the front and the side windows to always ensure clear visibility for the operator improving safety in the cabin and for those working below on the ground.