Dual 24 Twin Roller Blinds

Two Roller Blinds Combined in One Single Profile

Dual 24 twin roller blinds allow two styles of blind material to be showcased and operated on one single marine window. Combining two different materials into one single product gives the user 24-hour shading protection, during both the daytime and the night-time hours.

Create a truly unique blind for your vessel by selecting from our large range of fabrics and films in the ‘Colour Collections’ section below, this includes solar films, dimout fabrics, blackout fabrics, sustainable fabrics, or acoustic fabrics. We also offer two operating systems, dual sidewinder chains with cable guides (one chain on the left side and the other on the right) or our popular dual double pulley system (with or without additional cable guides). Both systems allow the blinds to be set at any position on the window; furthermore, one roller blind can be retracted away whilst the other is in use and vice versa

The Dual 24 screen is suitable for small and medium windows or extremely large public space windows, the product is very versatile in both width and height.

Motorised and battery-operated versions of this product come with cable wire support systems or colour matched side channels for fabric guidance and stability when in operation. Perfect for them hard to reach areas! Cassettes, bottom rails, and additional profiles are white or light grey as standard, however bespoke RAL colours to match a specific marine interior are available upon request.

Commercial and Military Ships

Twin roller blinds offer twenty-four-hour shading for ship windows, providing both solar protection and privacy for the dedicated crew working onboard. When installed on the bridge area, this practical shading solution offers sun protection during voyages and additional ship security when in port, as the privacy blinds can be moved into position when the vessel is not moving.  Choose from a twin cassette housing a dual roller, or a non cassetted solution to create a blind that is both practical and functional. Our new twin roller design ensures that we can now offer a dual twin roller blind for both small and extremely large ship windows.

Cruiseship and Ferries

Solarglide dual twin roller blinds are a truly unique product for cruiseliner and ferry windows, giving passengers and crew a mood choice when controlling light conditions in their suites or cabins. Suitable for most ship windows including the bridge area, clients can choose between solar film, dimout fabric, acoustic fabric, blackout fabric or sustainable fabric. For the bridge area we recommend a solar screen combined with a blackout screen for twenty-four-hour protection, and for cabins and public spaces we recommend the combination of a dimout screen with a blackout screen. Married together with a choice of practical operation mechanisms, this product can be fabric and cassette colour matched to any cruise or ferry interior.

Oil Rigs and Offshore Platforms

Solarglide Twin roller blinds for oil rigs and offshore platforms allow light levels to be controlled when worker shifts are interchangeable, staggered or if they take place during the night. Having unprotected exposed windows after a night shift may hinder the ability to sleep, leading to prolonged repeated tiredness on future shifts. Twin roller blinds not only control light, but they allow crew members to create a night-time environment in their accommodation areas, even if its bright sunshine outside. Solarglide’s twin roller blinds allow for a good unbroken sleep which is essential for crew working in hazardous or dangerous marine environments.

Offshore Cranes

The advantage of having a twin roller blind in a crane cabin is that the sunscreen can be used for daily operations, combating both glare and heat and improving operator visibility. Then on an evening or after a shift when the crane is no longer in use, the sunscreen can be stored away and replaced with a privacy screen to keep the crane both private and cool ahead of the next shift. Twin roller blinds offer all day protection for crane cabins, making the interior temperature of the cabin much more comfortable for the crane operator, thus improving productivity and general safety.


Provides a complete day to night solution
Reduce onboard temperatures by up to 15ºC
Choose from a range of IMO/MED fabrics
Cut your onboard energy costs
Durable, hard wearing, Marine tested
Powder coated cassettes with a choice of RAL colours

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