Ship Window Glass Graphics

Creative Adhesive Design for Ship Windows

Window graphics are an easy-to-install safety device that makes clear glass more visible and if for decorative purposes, more appealing. Apply them to the interior of ship windows, doors or partitions and your crew and passengers won’t walk head-long into unseen glass. Glass graphics can also help to make a bland interior look more visually stunning by adding creative design and colour to maritime glass surfaces.

While visually appealing and creatively exciting, safety is still the prime function of Solarglide’s glass graphics. Collision with clear glass is more common than one might think and can result in serious injury. Glass graphics (also referred to as manifestations) make glass more visible and ultimately stop adults and children from hurting themselves onboard cruise ships and ferries. Our glass manifestations are also DDA compliant, helping protect people with disabilities whilst at sea.

Solarglide offer a large range of graphics including frosted & coloured vinyl cut-outs, full digital printing onto optically clear or frosted film and one-way contravision. There are no creative boundaries; Solarglide can work with existing artwork or offer design ideas or new artwork for consideration. We also work to strict brand guidelines where necessary.

Look at some of our design recommendations below for maritime interior inspiration on your next project.

Frosted Vinyl Cut-outs

From opaque dots, stripes and waves to bespoke shapes and patterns, our glass manifestations not only keep your crew and passengers safe but also provide extra interest to your internal decorations. With a vast array of uses, our glass graphics could be used for company branding and typography, room names, shower areas or directional signage.

 Coloured Vinyl Cut-outs

Use branded decorations and signage on your ship windows. Choose a single colour or multiple colours layered together, your brand will never look so appealing.

Full Digital Print onto Optically Clear Film

Designed specifically for use on glass, our full digital print service will bring your designs to life. There are no limits on colours or design, printed on to the clear film to leave the non-printed areas of your design crystal clear.

Full Digital Print onto Frosted Vinyl

Your amazing designs are printed on frosted vinyl to add an element of privacy. Add logos, emblems or photographs or choose from a vast range of patterns to match your onboard interiors.


Amaze your passengers with this fantastic glass manifestation option. Totally clear from one side, the other side is perforated for one-way privacy, advertising, solar shading, and decorative opportunities

Artwork and Imagery

When supplying your own artwork, we ask for a vector image or high-resolution PDF. Alternatively, we have a vast array of images to inspire your very own glass manifestations.

Ship Window Glass Graphics Commercial and Military Ship Glass Graphics

Glass manifestations are used on commercial vessels as a functional safety tool for crew. They can offer privacy for windows facing into restricted areas such as the bridge and can be used for directional signage. Typography on glass for room signage, exit points and communal crew areas are essential, especially when a ship has regular crew changeovers.

Ship Window Glass Graphics Cruiseship and Ferries Glass Graphics

Glass graphics for cruiseliners and ferries are essential for avoiding accidents, they also create brand awareness and make interiors look more appealing to travelling guests. Plain glass can be very bland as well as dangerous if unseen by guests, so unique or coloured interchangeable graphics can enrich a passenger ships interior at very little cost.

Ship Window Glass Graphics Yachts and Superyacht Glass Graphics

Add a frosted or coloured pattern to the aft doors or add the boat name to glass surfaces throughout the yacht to create a unique and visually stunning maritime interior space.

Ship Window Glass Graphics Offshore Crane Glass Graphics

Solarglide offer frosted vinyl visors for offshore cranes, like those seen in cars and buses. The frosted film is attached internally to the top of the window helping to combat both glare and heat from above whilst allowing unrestricted visibility during crane operations. These frosted vinyl visors are made to the exact size of the crane window.

Making interior glass safer for passengers and crew
Easy to install, remove, replace and refresh
Five-year product warranty
Frosted or full colour visuals available
Change or improve the look of your marine interiors
Custom artwork on request