Micro Blinds For Small Windows

Mini, Compact Privacy Blinds For Ships, Vessels, and Yachts

The Micro blind is the latest privacy blind product (for small windows) which has been created and developed by the Solarglide team. Microblinds are the perfect shading solution for marine roof windows, hatches, doors or portholes and they have been specifically designed for use onboard ships, vessels, and yachts. The Micro blinds accommodate IONA, which is a flame retardant, textured fabric range. It is 100% polyester, moisture & mould resistant, IMO FR Rated and can be wiped or brushed clean with minimal effort.

The IONA fabric colours library offers an eclectic range of both dimout and blackout fabric colour that are suited to most onboard interiors. Additionally, these blinds have the option for complete or partial privacy, along with the added benefit of blocking out harmful UV rays (often responsible for premature fading of internal furnishings).

The Microblinds are presented in an elegant, contemporary, and lightweight cassette design, which can be installed face fix or top fix without the need for brackets. For light control, Solarglide also provide mid-point level pegs and a centre pull handle attachment lock for holding the blind in position at various levels down the window.

The Microblind has been designed as a ‘cordless’ system making it child safe and easy to maintain. Solarglide Mini blinds are a great choice for those who want to add an extra layer of privacy to their marine windows. They also provide a simple and inexpensive way to customise your window or porthole onboard, and because they are small, they take up minimal space.

3 Year Warranty cover
Water-repellent fabrics
Suitable for small windows, hatches and portholes
Bespoke ‘made to measure’ product
10 Blackout colours / 10 Dimout colours
Easy installation process

Micro blind Sizing

Because Solarglide Micro blinds are designed specifically for small windows, and due to the compact cassette size, there are some dimensional restrictions that apply to this product. The minimum width is 330mm and the maximum width is 900mm. The minimum height is 100mm and the maximum height is 500mm. There are no set sizes, instead Micro blinds can be made to any size within these dimensional boundaries. All cassette profiles and fixtures are supplied in white as standard.

Microblinds for Cruise ships and Ferries

Often smaller windows such as portholes get overlooked onboard cruise ships and ferries, meaning a continuous stream of incoming light, glare, and heat projecting inwards, leading to increased interior temperatures throughout the ship. Solarglide micro blinds help to control outside light conditions making for a more comfortable and pleasant passenger (and crew) experience. They can be set as open, midway, or closed depending upon the outside weather conditions. Small, lightweight, and discreet; these blinds offer essential solar protection, helping to cool interior spaces onboard.

Microblinds for Yachts and Superyachts

Small hatch windows, portholes and door windows are commonplace onboard luxury yachts and superyachts. Often a bulky blind is not suitable for such windows due to space restrictions. To combat this issue Solarglide micro blinds are compact, lightweight, and easy to operate. Available in ten dimout colours or ten blackout colours, our neutral colour range ensures the blind blends seamlessly into the yacht’s luxury surrounds.

Microblinds for Canal Boats and River Boats

Often referred to a narrow boat; space onboard boats that travel canal waterways is often restricted. Solarglide microblinds are the perfect solution for boats that have limited space; they provide privacy when the boat is occupied and when its stationary. The super slim cassette of the microblind is only 34mm in width, making it extremely compact.

Microblinds for Commercial Ships and Workboats

When crew members work long shifts its important that they can relax and rejuvenate when they clock off from their shift. Microblinds are an essential shading product that are particularly suited to smaller windows, often found in cabins and crew quarters. They not only provide light control, but also create privacy when needed.