Ship Wooden Venetian Blinds

Maritime & Yacht Shading Solutions

Solarglide’s wooden venetian marine blinds, are a classic modern twist to suit the interior of any ship or luxury yacht. Venetian blinds are perfect for creating a luxurious feel to your onboard interior. Our wooden venetian blinds are the finest example of our commitment and craftsmanship to the marine industry.

The wooden venetian blinds are easy to maintain with a colour collection range to accompany any onboard interior. All our blinds are customisable with variable slat widths to suit your design taste.

Contemporary style is always at the forefront of our range, with colour matched headrails, fittings, cords and tapes. Cable guides also provide stability, even in the harshest of sea conditions.

Solarglide wooden venetian blinds also combine well when paired with our  luxury curtains or sheer curtains to create that bespoke onboard experience.

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Slat Sizes

Solarglide wooden venetian blinds are available in 25mm, 35mm or 50mm slat widths. The 25mm slats are the slimmest slat that Solarglide offers, and they are ideal for windows with shallow windowsills or those windows without a sill. The 50mm slats are double the width of the 25mm slats and are more suited to larger windows or those windows with lots of space around them. Make sure you measure the space you have onboard before selecting your chosen slat width

Cassette and Bottom Rails

The upper aluminium cassette is a gloss powder coated block colour, similar in colour of the wooden slats, however, to ensure that everything blends perfectly we include a matching magnetic wooden valance which covers the aluminium cassette. Furthermore, the bottom rail is manufactured using the same wood as the horizontal slats and the valance, which means that the blind is fully colour coordinated once installed.

Acorns, Strings and Tapes

Cord acorns are made from matching wood, they are lightweight and oval shaped with a polished effect. The strings and tapes are also colour matched; strings come as standard however tapes are optional. Tapes are a vertical fabric strip that covers the strings connecting each horizontal slat. Tapes are not essential for the operation of the blind, put are popular as an extra luxury blind feature.


The blind comes with discreet cable guides as standard to ensure stability of the blind whilst at sea and to prevent sudden movement. The blind is controlled using three pull cords (with acorns). The dual cords when pulled allow the horizontal slats to be tilted. The single cord (with acorn) on the opposite side allows for the blind to be fully retracted upwards for a clear unhindered viewpoint or if the windows behind need cleaning or repaired.

Wooden Blinds for Cruise ships and Ferries

Wooden venetian blinds are a visually stunning shading solution for cruise ship and ferry windows. As an alternative to roller blinds and curtains, these sophisticated horizontal slated blinds add a touch of luxury to onboard cabins, public spaces, and master suites. They are functional, non-intrusive, robust, and easy to maintain aswell as clean. Colours include taupe, golden oak, native wood, and smoke and they come in choice of 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slats.

Wooden Blinds for Yachts and Superyachts

Solarglide wooden venetian blinds collection for yachts and superyachts offer the ultimate luxury shading for yacht owners, crew, and passengers. Each Solarglide wooden venetian blind has a colour paired cassette and bottom rail, matching  wooden operating fixtures along with a discreet cable guide support system and chrome base fittings for additional support. Smaller slat sizes of 25mm and 35mm are perfectly suited to yacht windows where space is often at a premium.

25mm, 35mm or 50mm slats
15 x Real Oak Colours
22 x Bass Wood Colours
Colour matched tilt cord, pull cord and acorns
Cable guide support system for stability during voyages
Colour matched cassette (with wooden pelmet)