Type Approved Solar Screens

Marine Anti-glare Bridge Sunscreens For Ships And Cruiseliners

Looking for the ultimate anti-glare marine protection for your cruise ship, ferry or commercial vessel? Solarglide is the leading name within the marine blinds industry, servicing boat blinds, window film and Type Approved solar screen products throughout the shipping industry. The first company in the world to obtain Type Approval for marine solar screens, Solarglide are an internationally recognised marine company that specialises in an extensive range of luxurious solar blinds for commercial ships, cruise liners, military crafts, accommodation modules, offshore cranes and ferries.

Renowned for allowing seafarers to continue working during extreme heat and eradicating glare, Solarglide’s Type Approved anti-glare marine sunscreens can be found on Celebrity Edge, Celebrity Apex, Disney Wonder and Carnival Ecstasy, which are some of the world’s biggest commercial cruise liners and ferries. Available in four unique colourways, Solarglide’s tinted film ship bridge blinds are perfect for all types of vessel including luxury yachts and sailing boats.

Solarglide recently collaborated with Dr Neveen Hamza of Newcastle University to observe changes to both solar gains and temperature brought about by using Solarglide solar screens on the wheelhouse of a commercial vessel. These observations were derived from a typical international voyage travelling through many climate zones and countries. Find out more about our solar screen research with Dr Neveen Hamza here.

All of our marine Solar Screens are Lloyds Register Type Approved, manufactured in the UK and include a seven year warranty.
Fully compliant with SOLAS bridge navigational safety regulations, our solar screens will also reduce your air conditioning costs while keeping your officers and crew safe and comfortable while working on the bridge.
Our solar screens are custom made to fit any shape window with a maximum width of 3.5 metres. Installation comes with fixtures and fittings included.
Proven to reduce internal temperatures by up to 10°C
Reduce solar glare by up to 94%
Improves crew productivity
Reduce air conditioning maintenance and energy costs

Improved productivity and eye health for bridge crew

Clear visibility in all seasons

Colour Collections:

Solarglide’s Type Approved solar screens are available in four film colours:

  • Gold and Silver – with UV reflective finishes to reflect away greater amounts of heat and glare
  • Grey and Bronze – Suitable for military vessels with low-mirrored surfaces to remain discreet at sea.