Safety Film For Ship Windows

Anti-Fragmentation Safety Film Protection for Ships

Solarglide’s anti fragmentation adhesive safety film helps to keep passengers and crew safe when glass breakage occurs. Even when a window or door is smashed onboard, Solarglide film will help to hold dangerous shards in place to avoid injury.

While life at sea can be a wonderful thing, there are always the risk of piracy attacks, glass damage or an explosion on board. If one of these should happen, safety film prevents injury and further damage by strengthening toughened glass and reinforcing windows.

Completely clear in appearance and simple to fit on new builds or existing windows, Solarglide’s film is suitable for all types of ship window, including the bridge area. The film is for internal installation only, it is scratch resistant and filters out 99% of UV radiation.

While security bars provide excellent protection against piracy attacks, they also create an environment not dissimilar to a prison for your crew and passengers. Protective film is an excellent and cost-effective non-intrusive alternative which not only holds shards of glass together but acts as an invisible barrier against intruders too.

Crew members are afforded extra time to raise an alarm, seek help or get to a safe room. Unprotected toughened glass can shatter, sending dangerous shards of glass throughout your vessel. When breakage occurs, safety film will reduce the impact of injury or loss of life in the event of a piracy attack or an explosion onboard.

Storms and Rogue Waves

Life at sea is often stormy, a fact that’s unavoidable. But that doesn’t stop the damage from storms being inconvenient. Strong winds and huge waves can cause structural damage and window breakage. Safety film not only protects against breakages by making the glass stronger, but it also keeps dangerous shards of glass together in one mass should a window smash, making it easier to secure until the vessel arrives safely back in port.

Explosions and Collisions

The shipping industry is a fast-paced and dangerous industry where accidents are commonplace. An explosion from a nearby port or a collision with another vessel or structure can cause the glass to be dislodged or broken.  Again, safety film protects when this happens.

Survey and Installation

The Solarglide team offers a full turnkey service for safety film, including initial survey, professional ‘time efficient’ installation, and the removal of any existing old film onboard. We also offer a special cutting service where we cut the safety film to the exact shape and size to make installation more effective, professional, and easier to fit. When professionally installed by our service team, the product comes with a 10-year warranty.

Can I install the safety film myself? The answer is yes, but we wouldn’t recommend it if you have no prior experience of doing so, fitting film is not easy and lots can go wrong. Solarglide provide professional installation kits for self-installation upon request. If attempting to install the film yourself, then getting the film pre cut to shape and size in advance by Solarglide will make the installation process much quicker and easier. We provide a comprehensive installation guide and telephone support if required.

Film Drying Out Periods

Adhesive film takes time to cure once installed and there are many factors that can affect the curing time. For full technical details about industry standard cure times, edge gaps, visibility etc please follow the link to download the technical data

Ship Safety Film for Commercial and Military Ship Safety Film

Solarglide adhesive antifragmentation safety films are used on tankers, containerships, workboats, and military ships worldwide to protect crew and passengers from the dangers of glass breakage. Internally fitted, Solarglide’s safety film range comes with a 10-year product warranty and is an essential maritime anti-piracy safety product.

Ship Safety Film for Cruiseships and Ferry Safety Film

Cruiseliners and ferries have thousands of windows onboard that need to be safely maintained during voyages. These vessels are in constant service and from time to time are prone to storms and surging waves that can batter the windows of the ship. In these circumstances its important that ship windows are made as safe as physically possible to protect passengers travelling between destinations. Safety film is clear in appearance so it doesn’t hinder visibility for passengers; it acts as an invisible protective barrier that keeps dangerous shards of glass together in one mass, should breakage occur onboard.

Ship Safety Film for Oil Rigs and Offshore Module Safety Film

Its important that oil rigs are made as safe as possible in the event of an explosion onboard. Solarglide safety film helps to strengthen window glass in the event of an explosion, holding dangerous shards of glass together in one mass. Without such safety film the toughened glass can break into thousands of pieces showering the interior space and the people inside it. Anti-fragmentation safety film for oil rigs and offshore modules protects the lives of seafarers and oil rig workers.

Optically clear appearance & scratch resistant
For internal glass installation only
Suitable for all windows including bridge windows