Maritime Sheer Curtains

Semi Transparent Decorative Voiles

Also known as window voiles, Solarglide’s handmade sheer curtains for ships create an elegant, classic solution where both light and privacy are equally important. Solarglide sheer window dressings allow natural light to filter through while also providing an element of privacy for crew and passengers. Pair sheers with standard curtains and you have the perfect day-to-night solution onboard.

What’s the difference between curtains and sheer curtains?

As the name suggests, sheer curtains are made of semi-transparent fabrics ; if you hold them up to the light, you can see through them. They allow lots of light to penetrate a room with a moderate degree of privacy to match. Sheers are extremely lightweight in comparison to standard curtains and bring an open and airy feel to any ship or yacht interior.

What sheer fabrics and colour options are available?

If sheer fabrics are already specified by an interior designer, we will source them on your behalf. We have strong relationships with UK and international fabric manufacturers and mills; tell us what you want, and we’ll do the leg work so you can focus on other things.

Alternatively, we have a selection of sheer fabrics in the ‘Colour Selections’ section below that are IMO FR approved and suitable for maritime environments.

What else do you need to know about sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains work well in layers and provide extra depth to a window. While they are translucent, they provide a good level of privacy, preventing people from looking into windows. This means they work exceptionally well when paired with a pair of standard curtains.

Sheers provide a light and billowy texture for windows, and they diffuse sunlight beautifully too. The fabrics used are lightweight and stylish, lending a touch of elegance and style to any window dressing and create a classy aesthetic to cruise, ferry and ship interiors.

Not only do they diffuse sunlight, but they shield against insects and dust while blocking out unsightly views and protecting interior fixtures and furniture from the full force of the sun and invisible UV rays.

Marine Sheer Curtains for Cruise ship and Ferry Curtains

Solarglide sheers and voiles offer all day privacy for cabins, suites, public spaces, and crew areas on ferries and cruise ships. Semi transparent in appearance they allow lots of light into the room, whilst shielding against prolonged glare and heat from the sun. The perfect product to compliment a curtain; this product is both decorative and functional.

Marine Sheer Curtains for Yachts and Superyacht Curtains

No luxury yacht curtain would be complete without a combined sheer curtain. Luxury sheers and voiles offer the ultimate luxury for superyachts and yachts.

Aluminium headrails are supplied ready to install
Plastic and metal sheer hooks available.
Headrail joining pieces for larger widths available.
We offer the complete turnkey package with our sheers.
Choose between manual or motorised sheer rails.
Strong network of UK and international fabric manufacturers.

Colour Collections :

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