Marine Curtains

SG Curtains

SG Marine Curtains help enhance the onboard experience for your passengers and keep your crew comfortable and well-rested.

With a range of IMO/MED approved fabrics available for our marine curtains, we have the solutions to provide comfortable cabin and public spaces for your passengers, help your crew get the rest they need, or partition areas to best utilise your onboard spaces.

All our marine curtains come made to measure with a choice of blackout or dimout linings, handcrafted by our experienced team. We also supply matching cushions to compliment your vessel’s interior design.

To see how we can help you find the perfect marine curtains for your vessel, get in touch today.


Marine tested with a range of IMO/MED approved fabrics available
Handcrafted by expert tailors
Pinch pleat and Pencil pleat styles
Choose from a wide range of fabrics from over 200 suppliers
Flame retardant
Machine washable for easy maintenance

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