Safety Film

Keep your passengers and crew safe from glass breakages with the help of Solarglide’s safety film. Even when a window or door is smashed on board, safety glass will hold dangerous shards in place to avoid injury.

While life at sea can be a wonderful thing, there are always slight risks of piracy attacks, glass damage from bad weather, wave or an explosion on board. If one of these should happen, safety film prevents injury and further damage by strengthening toughened glass and reinforcing windows.

Completely clear and simple to fit on new builds or existing windows, Solarglide’s film is non-intrusive, scratch resistant and filters out 99% of UV radiation too.

Piracy attacks

While security bars provide protection against piracy attacks, they also create an environment not dissimilar to a prison for your crew and passengers. Safety film is an excellent and cost-effective alternative which not only holds shards of glass together but acts as a barrier against intruders too.

Crew members are afforded extra time to raise an alarm, seek help or get to a safe room. While un-filmed glass can shatter, sending dangerous shards of glass throughout your vessel, safety film will reduce the impact of injury or loss of life in the event of an attack or an explosion.

Glass damage from bad weather or rogue waves

Life at sea is often stormy – a fact that’s unavoidable. But that doesn’t stop the damage from storms from being inconvenient. Strong winds and huge waves can cause structural damage and window breakage. Safety glass not only protects against breakages by making the glass stronger, but it also keeps dangerous shards of glass together in one mass should a window smash, making it easier to secure until the vessel arrives back in port.

Explosions and collisions

Leaving piracy attacks to one side, the shipping industry is a fast-paced and dangerous industry where accidents are commonplace. An explosion from a nearby port or a collision with another vessel or structure can cause the glass to be dislodged or broken.  Again, safety film protects when this happens.

Our Solarglide team offers a full service for safety film, including surveys, installation and removal of the existing film.

But if you’re hoping to fit the films yourself, we provide a comprehensive installation guide and kit to keep you right. We even offer a special cutting service where we cut the safety film to the exact shape and size to make installation more effective, professional and, well, easier.

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Need some small print? Here goes…

Available as 1524mm or 1828mm widths
Available as 100 micron, 200 micron or 300 micron thicknesses
Optically clear and suitable for both navigational and non-navigational windows
Scratch resistant
Recommended for internal windows only
Available by the roll, by the metre or cut to size
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