Surface Mount Framed Pleated Blinds

Easy Install framed pleated blind system for yachts, cruiseliners and ferries…

Suitable for square or rectangular windows only, Solarglide’s surface mounted framed pleated blinds are a manually operated pleated blinds system for yacht windows and hatches. Particularly effective on windows where the frames may protrude slightly or where there is no window recess. This system is surface mounted over the top of window frames or hatch openings to give a single or double shading solution for passengers and crew

Honeycomb Pleated Technology

Solarglide uses honeycomb pleated technology for glare reduction and to regulate thermal performance during the changing seasons. Solarglide’s honeycomb technology eliminates visible strings and holes that can normally be seen in standard pleated blinds. This is highly important if you’re wanting to have an attractive and sleek look on your vessel.

What is the difference between a hatch blind and a surface mounted pleated blind?

A surface mounted blind can fit over a slightly protruding window or a hatch recess and is fitted directly into the bulkhead wall or ceiling via the four corner fixing points. Whereas a hatch blind plugs into the hatch opening space and can be face fixed or side fixed into position. Hatch pleated blinds are for hatch windows with a recess and are not suitable for standard windows, whereas a surface mounted solution offers more possibilities. Both systems operate in a similar fashion, with the same interchangeable fabric options, and can be single-blind or double-blind.

Build a blind that suits the needs of your yacht or vessel.

Want to know more? Our pleasure:

FR Flame retardant fabrics
The Honeycomb is available in 13 blackout colours and 12 dimout colours
No holes or strings are visible through the fabric
Simple Installation
White or brown profiles
Manual operation only
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