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1,400 years ago, a king or great warrior of East-Anglia was laid to rest in a 90ft Viking ship that was found and excavated within the Sutton Hoo burial ground near the English town of Woodbridge.
Many believe him to be king RAEDWALD, a great warrior king of East Anglia and famed for his victory over The Kingdom of Northumbria.The 27 Metre long Anglo-Saxon ship from Sutton Hoo no longer exists, as it was made from Oak, and after 1,300 years in acidic soil , it rotted away leaving a ‘Ghost’ imprinted within the sand.
Unfortunately, there is no physical human remains found at the Sutton Hoo burial site, but what we can see, is a human size void inside the burial chamber with a sword laid beside the body. An interesting discovery regarding this formidable king, was he was ‘Left-Handed’, experts believe this would of been a great advantage in battle, opposed to the majority of his opponents being ‘right-Handed’. This interesting fact is beautifully highlighted by historian – Sue Brunning of the The British Museum / Curators Corner.
The iconic Sutton Hoo helmet was also found and placed near the left side of the person’s head, which is a thing of truly breathtaking artistry. The burial chamber was also filled with military equipment, textiles and treasure of the highest quality gold.
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