Keeping it together with safety film


We were contacted by a local,  yacht company regarding a problem on one of their chartered yachts. They’d been made aware of a large crack across one of the windows and had struggled to get hold of replacement glass due to Covid-related delays.

The window area affected was 972mm and the replacement glass wouldn’t arrive in time for to avoid taking the yacht out of commission.

The company was concerned about keeping their customers and crew safe, while keeping the yacht on the water, without the window cracking further, or even shattering. And so, they approached us to see if we could help.


We needed a temporary solution until the replacement glass arrived, so we applied an internal 200-micron clear safety film to the cracked window. The safety film would sure up the crack and ensure it didn’t get any worse or even shatter.

Usually applied to vessels sailing in dangerous waters to prevent easy entry upon attack by pirates, safety film is ideal for ensuring the cracked window didn’t become worse or even shatter.

The film enabled the crew to sail the yacht as usual and remain safe while aboard the yacht.


We provided a piece of safety film cut to the exact size and shape of the cracked window, including the curved edges. This was done to allow the crew of the yacht to simply install the film when it arrived on board the vessel, without worrying about cutting it accurately.

We also provided a basic safety film installation kit, including a performance squeegee and edging tool, to ensure the application went as smoothly as possible. Done properly, the installation could be done by crew members in less than 15 minutes to make the window safe.

The film itself is completely clear to ensure no loss of visibility through the cracked window. The glass was safe, the crew was happy and the yacht could continue to sail.

Extra benefits of safety film:

  • Can be used for anti-piracy to slow down entry by intruders
  • It’s an alternative to metal bars on windows, commonly used on vessels traveling through dangerous waters
  • It protects life by keeping dangerous shards of glass together in the event of an explosion or breakages
  • Solarglide supplies safety film at 200- or 300-micron thickness, pre-cut to shape and size, or by the roll.

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