Lord of The Highlands commission Solarglide to manufacture and install solar screens and dimout privacy screens for bridge area, aft of the vessel.

The Commission

On the wheelhouse we installed five cassetted solar screens with sidewinder and cable guides; as well as four inverted solar screens with a double pulley system. The term inverted refers to the cassette being installed at the bottom of the window instead of at the top. This solution is perfect for windows where the width at the top of the window is shorter than the bottom. The double pulley system allows the blind to be pulled up the window and can be set at any level depending upon where the sun is positioned. The solar screens were offered with our popular silver solar film, a reflective solar film that has a mirror appearance from the external viewpoint. This film colour offers maximum glare and heat reduction whilst not compromising on the outlooking viewpoint.

The Solution

Lord of The Highlands has a lovely bar area which is popular with the guests and a key area on the ship. For this area we provided 14 stylish dimout screens to protect the passengers and crew during voyages. These dimout screens were supplied with sidewinders and cable guides allowing passengers to easily adjust the blinds in times of need. Furthermore, the cable guide support system offered additional support whilst the cruise ship was in operation. The luxury colour ‘Ecru’ was selected from our carnival dimout range which blended beautifully into the current onboard interior decor. Our carnival range is IMO FR approved, moisture resistant and is made from recycled PET plastics.

Lord of the Highlands

The Lord of the Highlands is a UK based cruise ship that cruises Scotland’s historic locks on the stunning Caledonian Canal. Smaller in size to the usual giants of the industry, this vessel offers both relaxation and comfort to its 38 guests. The cruise will provide stunning views of Scotland, ultimate luxury for guests, and a dedicated crew onboard. Elegant in design, the ship’s rich interiors with hardwood finishes and cream panelling are reminiscent of a vintage pullman carriage. Panoramic windows provide spectacular views. With twenty outward facing, picture windowed cabins, including a spacious suite and four with small private balconies.