Solarglide Meets Growing Demand For Premium Marine Products With World’s Largest Dogger Bank Wind Farm.

The Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Tyne and Wear Pension Fund have invested in a fleet of ships designed to support the Dogger Bank Wind Farm. The Dogger Bank project will be located on an isolated sandbank within the central to southern North Sea, spanning the UK, Germany, Danish and Dutch waters. Once completed, the wind farm will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world and capable of generating enough renewable power to provide around 5% of the Uk’s electricity supply. It is believed, the ‘Dogger Bank’ name was coined from ‘Dogger Land’, which for a period of time, was a land connected to the UK and mainland Europe. As sea levels rose, after the last Ice Age, the area became an island before being completely submerged by water around 8000 years ago.

Connecting Britain To Northern Europe

As we fast forward to the 21st century it has became increasingly relevant to adhere to climate change and support ethical choices within our region. Solarglide are proud to be part of this groundbreaking ethical offshore development process and can now discuss the winning contract that delivered our Industry leading marine products to a fleet of new hybrid-powered Grampian vessels. All vessels,  played a significant role in the development and construction of the Dogger Bank Wind FarmThe worlds largest wind farm.

Solarglide Meet Growing Demand For Premium Marine Products

Solarglide supplied and installed premium Type Approved solar screens, along with adhesive solar protective window film to meet the growing demand for offshore wind operations throughout Europe. Solarglide are the first company in the world to provide Type Approved marine solar screens , which means they have been safety checked and evaluated to meet the highest required Standards. Solar screens are the ultimate onboard anti-glare window protection, made exclusively for the marine industry.Type approved Adhesive solar film protection is another premium product provided by Solarglide that reduce heat and solar glare, leaving windows completely transparent with a slight interior tint,  reducing internal heat by 10°c.