Heat & Glare Control Window Films

Solar Film Technology for Non-Navigational Ship Windows

Solarglide’s Solar Film range is the perfect solution to keep your vessel, crew and passengers cool in even the hottest of environments. Easily applied to window interiors, the films reduce solar heat and glare while leaving the windows totally transparent.

The film range will reduce heat by up to 15°C while also limiting the need for air-conditioning units – it’s a winner all round.

Ideal for restaurants, passenger areas, viewing areas and cabins, the films come in a range of three colours: reflective silver, low mirror neutral grey and low mirror bronze. There will be something to suit every style of interior.

The details and the benefits? Here goes…

Available by the roll, by the metre or cut to size
An incredibly cost-effective alternative to blinds and curtains
Available in 914mm, 1219mm, 1524mm or 1828mm widths
Each colour comes in a choice of shades – 20 (darkest), 35 and 50 (allowing the most light through)
All offer clear visibility during daylight hours
99% UV reduction, keeping your internal furnishings safe from solar fading
Each comes with a 10-year product warranty when installed by a Solarglide engineer
Solarglide’s films are for internal installation only
We also offer a survey, installation and removal of old existing film service for those who need extra support. But if you’re hoping to fit the films yourself, we provide a comprehensive installation guide and kit to keep you right.

Want to find out more? Contact our expert team to decide which colour and shade combination would suit your needs.

If you’re a fan of stats and data, it’s your lucky day… check out the details below.

Performance Statistics: