Marine Window Wipers

Maintain constant visibility in the harshest conditions with our marine wiper systems.

Designed specifically for marine use and manufactured using durable marine tested materials, they’re built to withstand the toughest of environments.

We offer three types of marine wiper systems, Clearview wiper, Straightline wiper and Pantograph wiper systems.  Each wiper system has its own range of benefits and operational types, from electric to pneumatic; single and twin blades.  Once installed, these wipers are robust, durable and need little maintenance.

Drop our team a message to find out which marine wiper system is best for your vessel.


Eliminate rain and spray from your vessel’s windows with SG Clearview marine wipers. With 2 operating speeds, Clearview wipers provide your crew with 100% visibility to navigate safely.
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Effortlessly maintain full visibility throughout your vessel with low maintenance and easy to install SG Pantograph wipers, we supply both electric and pneumatic wipers.
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Navigate further with SG Straightline wipers built to withstand the harshest of conditions, powered by a low voltage as standard or optionally using an onboard air supply.
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