Hatch Window Pleated Blinds

Single or double pleated blind shading solution for yachts, cruiseliners and ferries…

Solarglide pleated hatch blinds are available as a manually operated draw system, which can house a single blind or a double-blind combination. The blind acts as a sun and light barrier, controlling incoming light through overhead hatch windows.

Manufactured to any size; Solarglide ensure that you get the perfect fit onboard. Choose from a blackout fabric, a dimout fabric, or an insect screen to create the ideal blind combination for your vessel or yacht. If a single fabric blind is what you’re looking for, then this is available too.

What Is Honeycomb Pleated Technology?         

Solarglide uses honeycomb pleated technology for glare reduction and to regulate thermal performance during the changing seasons. Solarglide’s honeycomb technology eliminates visible strings and holes that can normally be seen in standard pleated blinds. This is highly important if you’re wanting to have an attractive and sleek look on your vessel or yacht.

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Coming soon.

Why are pleated blinds important?

Mainly because the honeycomb pleated blind looks extremely aesthetically pleasing in all marine settings. The pleated blind glides across the hatch opening using a centre pull handle or handles, and if the window is out of reach a matching operating rod is provided.

Hatch blinds are available in two profile colours, white or brown. Aswell as a plethora of twelve fabric colours (see below colour range). Our insect screen fabric is available in black only and helps to keep out pests and insects during the hotter months

With Solarglide you can select whichever option is the best for you.

What are hatch pleated blinds?

A pleated blind is made with a series of concertina folds which stretch out evenly across the window opening. A lightweight, high-quality, blind that is easy to operate and can be set at any level on the window. When not in use, the blind can be retracted to the sides without restricting the external viewpoint.

Pleated blinds have many features and come in various forms, which suit most customer’s needs. Below we have outlined the features of our hatch pleated blinds and the different variations they come in.

If you’d like to learn more about our free-hanging pleated blinds, please email [email protected] or call +44 (0)191 597 0543. We would love to take your call to find out how we can help you with our blind solutions.

Want to know more? Our pleasure:

Flame retardant fabric range
The honeycomb is available in 6 dimout colours, 6 blackout colours, 1 insect screen colour
White or brown profile colours
No holes or strings are visible through the fabric
UV Protection
Suitable for rectangle or square windows only
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