Running a business and maintaining standards is always a challenge. Throw in the Coronavirus crisis and the challenge steps up a notch. But here at Solarglide, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our business, standards and customer satisfaction levels have remained outstanding even in the face of adversity. Want to know more?

Quality Assurance At Solarglide

August has been such a successful month here at Solarglide with the renewal of our ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

These certificates have to be renewed every 12 months to ensure our standards remain high and we don’t just rest on our laurels. And we’re particularly proud this time around because we’ve renewed them in the midst of a global pandemic.

ISO9001 is a quality management certificate that ensures we continually monitor and improve the standards of our products and services. Recognised throughout the world, it’s our way of reassuring our customers that we’ll never stop improving our business for their benefit.

The ISO14001 is an environmental management certificate. It means that we care about the environment and we want to make sure our business, our products and our processes aren’t detrimental to the environment. In fact, we’re committed to protecting the environment when and wherever possible.

What Do The ISO Accreditations Mean To Solarglide?

We’ve always worked hard as a business to achieve the ISO accreditations. They’re incredibly important in the maritime sector and they help us to build trust with our suppliers and customers alike.

Having the required processes installed in our business to achieve the standards means that we’re able to monitor and improve our products and services constantly, to the benefit of customers, suppliers and our team.

Having the accreditations is often a prerequisite for bidding on tenders in our industry too, so it’s crucial that we achieve and maintain them every year.

Plus, the environmental side of the accreditations ties in perfectly with our ongoing strategy to achieve 100 per cent biodegradable packaging on our products. We’re also working hard to adapt our products to be recyclable at the end of their product life cycle.

Solarglide’s ISO Audit Details

Our audits took place on 10 August 2021. Due to the pandemic, our audits took place remotely. The whole process was managed by IMSM from start to finish and made the audit experience smooth and well-managed.

The whole Solarglide team is delighted to have been recognised once again for all our hard work and commitment to high standards, our products and services and to the sustainability of the environment.


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