Type Approval, A Stamp Of Quality…

As specialists in all things blinds and window coverings for the marine industry, quality is at the very heart of our company. Recognised across the globe as a trusted stamp of quality, the Lloyds Type Approval has been given to our flagship product, the SG Glider Solar Screens. As the first company in the world to receive such approval for this particular product, we are trying to lead the way with maritime blinds. 

Because all of our products are designed and manufactured for use on sea-going vessels, Solarglide and other maritime industry companies are governed by a number of class societies. Each society carries out tests and quality standard assessments to ensure ships and other floating vessels are safe and fit for purpose.

Type approval, from any of the world’s class societies, is seen as a trusted stamp of quality assurance. Type approval is not just handed out to anyone; it’s an expensive and time-consuming process to go through, but the trust and assurance it gives to our customers is well worth every effort we put in.

Solarglide Type Approved Solar Screens

Solarglide Type Approved Solar Screens Image ©Solarglide 2022

Solarglide’s Solar Screen, Lloyds Type Approval planned renewal for 2022

After successfully renewing Type Approval in 2021 for the SG Glider bridge solar screens, we have renewed our Lloyds Type Approval until 2026 and continue to be globally recognised for quality. 

To summarise SG Glider bridge solar screens are retractable solar screens installed on the bridge wheelhouse of a vessel. They help improve bridge navigational safety, reduce heat and control glare in bright sunshine.

Our solar screens improve safety and make the bridge a more comfortable place to be for the crew. Not to mention the benefits of keeping equipment cool and eliminating UV radiation which can cause furnishings to fade.

Without our solar screens, life aboard a vessel in tropical conditions can become extremely uncomfortable for all concerned.


Solarglide Type Approved Solar ScreensSolarglide Type Approved Solar Screens. Image ©Solarglide 2022

What’s involved in winning Type Approval?

Our products are tested to ensure the performance of our materials live up to the claims we make about them. Our factory was visited by representatives of the class society and we had to pull together loads of evidence submissions from our suppliers and experts in the field.

As we have four different colours of solar film in our range, all four were tested, including specific film batches, to ensure our sources and materials remained unchanged – we don’t compromise on quality, ever.

While there’s no obligation for ships to have solar screens fitted, in our experience the vast majority of mariners, captains and superintendents insist on having them fitted to ensure the health and comfort of their crew, equipment and vessels.


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