Solarglide Exclusive Repair and Restore Service For Any Marine Blind.

Solarglide Repair and Restore Marine blinds

Solarglide Limited exclusive repair and restore service for the maritime blinds industry


Solarglide blinds can be found on hundreds of ships around the globe. They help to protect crew and passengers from the dangers of strong solar glare and heat, whilst allowing light conditions to be controlled by the user. In particular Solarglide bridge solar screens can be found in the wheelhouse of many of the worlds largest cruise liners including Disney Wonder, Celebrity Apex and Jewel of the Seas. There are lots of different brands of blinds on the international market, which over time can become worn or damaged (this happens to all blinds including Solarglide products). Over time solar film and fabric can become damaged or marked, especially if they are in constant use.

Sidewinder chains become broken, snapped or jammed. Components can get lost or damaged. This is often unavoidable, especially on larger passenger ships that accommodate over 6,000 people on each voyage. Mishandling or misuse is common even with the most robust blind systems. This can become frustrating for crew and paying passengers if multiple blinds are damaged. With damaged blinds, glare comes radiating through glass and privacy can be temporarily lost.


 What Can Boats, Ships or Vessels Do With Their Damaged Marine Blinds

Rather than remove and replace them with new units, there is now the option to repair and reinstall. Solarglide are now able to offer the service of repairing ANY blind that has become inoperable, regardless of the brand. How do we do this? We strip the blind down, we 3D print broken parts and replace them where needed. We supply new components, replace film and fabric and ensure that the blind is functional once again.

Why do this? The idea is that it can save money and utilise existing blinds rather than produce new ones. This leads to fewer blinds being recycled or placed into landfill. It also extends the product life cycle for existing blinds, which in the long term saves money for ship managers and shipowners. It’s a win-win situation.

Solarglide Repair and Restore Service

Solarglide exclusive repair and restore maritime blind service.


How does this service work? If you have a blind that appears to be damaged. The blind or blinds can be returned to our factory here at Solarglide Limited for analysis and repair. Once we receive the blind back we will advise the cost of repair, if you are happy with the prices, we then carry out the work and return the blind(s) back to the ship.

Because they are existing blinds they can be clipped back into position easily and reinstalled into the original base configurations. This service also extends to blinds that you have onboard that may not fit the window exactly. Maybe someone didn’t measure them correctly at point of purchase. In this situation we can resize and reshape a blind so it fits a window better.

When budgets are tight, you can ensure that your onboard blinds are in good condition at all times by utilising the Solarglide’s repair and restore service. This service will entail a short period of time where your windows are left uncovered, however the service is quick, and we will get the repaired blinds back on board as quickly as possible so that shading and privacy can be restored.

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Solarglide Luxury Venetian Blinds

Solarglide custom-made wooden venetian blinds constructed with Abachi, Basswood or Real Oak Wood.

Solarglide luxury Faux Leather Venetian blinds, perfect for Yachts and Cruise Liner windows.

Solarglide bespoke handcrafted aluminium blinds, exclusive to the Yacht and shipping industry.


Solarglide Venetian blinds

Solarglide Venetian Blinds, Wooden, Leather or Aluminium.

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