Solarglide Fly To Nice And Visit The Annual Cannes Yachting Festival.

Solarglide fly to Cannes Yacht Festival

Cannes Yachting festival in Nice. Solarglide’s first impressions.


Solarglide fly to Nice and visit the annual Cannes Yachting Festival. It’s mid-September in the French Riviera and the temperatures are still in the high twenties with clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine making the walk around a pleasant and joyful experience. The cannes yachting festival is in full swing for a full week throughout early September with lots of the well-known yacht brands showcasing the latest boat designs, yachts and super yachts. There were familiar faces, as we pass through with lots of business talk and conversation to be had; the place was packed to the rafters this year. Everything appears to be back to normal after the recent pandemic, which is great to see.

Walking around the exhibition, it was humbling to see Solarglide bespoke maritime venetian blinds fitted on many showcase yachts, keeping potential buyers cool and shaded as this visit and review the offerings on display. The show has a special European charm, this combined with the glorious weather, sees people gather from all over the world to observe what the annual yachting industry festival has to offer in 2023. Visiting some of the most exclusive yachts entails removing all footwear to keep the flooring and carpets in pristine condition. We couldn’t resist getting onboard to see the latest technologies and yacht interiors.

Solarglide walk through Cannes Yacht Festival

Solarglide Limited walk-through Cannes Yacht Festival


Solarglide Expereince Spectacular Coastlines At Cannes Yachting Festival

From afar,  you can see larger mega yachts moored in the distance like giant floating cities, some costing more than a premier league football club. The marina itself is packed with boats and yachts; far too many to count but incredible to see close up and personal.

When visiting the Cannes Yacht Festival or the Monaco Yacht Show; Nice, is the ideal base to stay,  as it’s nestled in the coast in the middle of these two locations. There are many beautiful hotels, spectacular winding coastlines, and lots of old French architecture to admire. A mix of international languages makes for a multicultural experience that provides enjoyment and great memories outside of the usual business activities.

Solarglide look out into the Marina at Cannes Yacht Festival

Solarglide look out into the Marina at Cannes Yacht Festival

Solarglide Looking Forward To Next Yachting Festival


Cannes Yacht Festival                  12th to 17th September 2023    

Monaco Yacht Show                    27th to 30th September 2023     


Both exhibitions are held in September, annually.

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