Naval Architect

How to conduct a remote vessel survey during a global pandemic and worldwide lock down.

The Challenge:

We were approached by a naval architect during the summer lock down for a solution to a tricky problem relating to their two new Royal Navy vessels.

The vessels were nearing build completion with a marine build specialist and it quickly became clear that it was no ordinary RFQ.

The windows were non specific dimensions, which means they were oddly shaped, plus to add to the complexity, the bridge consoles sat directly beneath the windows giving minimal room to work with for the cassette and operating mechanisms.

The Solution:

As we were unable to attend site to inspect ourselves, we remotely instructed the Client and Build Specialist how to conduct a specific measuring survey that would allow us to determine the best options.  At one point the Build Specialist sent us actual size cut out templates, so we could accurately work out the angles for the odd shaped windows.

The Results:

With a little bit of team work and a lot of patience, from both our Client and the Build specialist, we were able to offer SG Glider Solar Screens with tapered solar film to accommodate the bespoke dimensions of the windows.

In addition to the environmental and cost saving benefits, our solar screens offer navigators and operators a clear view of the waterways at all times. They are fully retractable which comply with SOLAS Regulations covering navigational bridge visibility and come with a 7 year warranty as standard.