Elements Of Innovation. Solarglide present weather-intensive products including Type Approved Solar Screens, MED Approved Dimout & Blackout blinds, Solar films, Wipers, and Sustainable products designed for the shipping industry. Fire, Water, Air and Earth are all Classic Elements and the fundamental building of the world around us. These elements, represent the raw materials of our existence, and serve as a symbolic representation of various aspects of life, such as emotions, personality traits, and even spiritual aspects.

SUN/FIRE : Solar Screens  / Elements Of Innovation

Looking for the weather intensive products ? The ultimate anti-glare marine window protection for your cruise ships, ferry or commercial vessel? Solarglide is the leading name within the marine blinds industry, offering boat blinds, window films and Type Approved solar screens . The first company in the world to obtain Type Approval for marine solar screens, Solarglide specialise in an extensive range of luxurious solar blinds for commercial ships, cruise liners, military crafts, accommodation modules, offshore cranes, yachts and ferries. Find out more here – Type Approved Solar Screens

Elements of innovation solarglide solar screens

Elements – FIRE – Solar Screens

EARTH : Solarglide Sustainable Products / Elements Of Innovation

Sustainable privacy screens. The team at Solarglide care about the environment and the Global Maritime Industry which we serve, it’s part of our company culture. We have made significant changes here at Solarglide. The first step, was to improve our product packaging and internal processes. We did this by replacing plastics for recycled and biodegradable packaging materials. find out more here – Sustainable blinds

EARTH Elements – Solarglide Sustainable blinds.

AIR : Reduction in HVAC Costs with Solar Films /  Elements Of Innovation

Solarglide’s Solar Window Film range is the perfect energy saving innovation for the marine environment. This energy efficient window film keeps your vessel, crew and passengers cool during the hottest environments. Carefully applied to onboard interiors that reflect environmental change, Solarglide’s Type Approved window films reduce solar heat and glare, while leaving the windows transparent, with a slight interior tint. On most commercial ships, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems are working to maximum capacity to offset these solar gains; these energy costs combined with HVAC maintenance and cleaning costs can be extremely expensive for ship managers and shipowners. Solar gains of over 600 lux can also have a negative effect on the mental health of crew members exposed to such conditions and should be avoided. find out more here – Marine Solar Film

elements Of Innovation Solar Films / Screens

WATER : Pantograph / Straightline Wipers / Elements Of Innovation

Keep your crew and passengers safe by maintaining clear unhindered visibility in all weather conditions (designed and tested to withstand the worst of ocean storms and bad weather during voyages). STRAIGHTLINE ship windscreen wipers are manufactured using the highest quality marine grade materials allowing them to withstand even the harshest sea conditions without corrosion or wiper disfigurement. Solarglide’s fully integrated marine wiper systems are developed specifically for the maritime industry, and can be found on the wheelhouse of ships, cruise liners and ferries – globally. Find out more here – Straightline

Elements Of Innovation Official video marketing concept available here Elements Of Innovation Weather Intensive Marine Products

Elements Of Innovation weather intensive marine products

Solarglide Limited is an international maritime blinds manufacturer providing manual and motorised blinds and window shading solutions for yachts and super yachts. Yacht builders, charterers and yacht owners select Solarglide, providing high quality products and solutions, great customer service and reliable on time deliveries. Find out more at www.solarglide.com /  or Contact : [email protected]