Solarglide Limited is a member of  the NECC and a UK exporter of marine blinds to the international maritime sector.

Solarglide supplying the world with marine blinds

Solarglide are members of the NECC and supply the world with marine blinds designed for the maritime industry. Image supplied by

What does the NECC mean? The NECC stands for North East Chamber of Commerce and is a multi-disciplinary suite of international services, knowledge and expertise created to companies time and money. The NECC is the leading North East organisation for international trade.

Solarglide Limited is a UK exporter of marine blinds to the international maritime sector. The business, which was established in 2008, collaborates with over 15 international agents and distributes marine blinds products to over 50+ countries worldwide. As a successful marine products exporter, Solarglide have highly qualified staff that are expertly trained within a broad range of import & export skills that are crucial to the success of the business. Solarglide, also work with external organisations such as the NECC, DIT, DHL, and specialist freight forwarders to fulfil our customer obligations.

How Does The NECC Help Business Members

Solarglide marine blinds company with North East England Chamber Of Commerce

Solarglide are proud to be members of the North East England Chamber of Commerce.


Her are a few things that Solarglide, are really proud of – Continuing a 16 year membership with the NECC (Northeast Chamber of Commerce). The NECC is an important partner for Solarglide Limited, as they are the leading organisation for International trade in the UK.

Solarglide prides itself on being professional international exporters of marine blinds products. The NECC assists Solarglide in achieving their international trade goals through knowledge, advise, documentation and training.

The NECC provides Solarglide with compliant export documentation including EUR1 & Certificates of Origin allowing our goods to be delivered smoothly worldwide.


Solarglide Limited is an international maritime blinds manufacturer providing manual and motorised blinds and window shading solutions for yachts and super yachts. Yacht builders, charterers and yacht owners select Solarglide, providing high quality products and solutions, great customer service and reliable on time deliveries. Find out more at /  or Contact : [email protected]