Solarglide Explore Dubai And Meet Their Local UAE Distributers.

Solarglide explore Dubia and meet extended family

Solarglide explore Dubai

The UAE is thriving with shipbuilding activity and the Middle East plays a key part in global shipping operations. The ports of Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar are some of the busiest in the world for the trade of international goods.

Our Solarglide Managing Director ‘Paul Pringle’ flew to Dubai this week to meet with our local UAE distributors, which was basically,  a meeting of two families. The UAE is one of Solarglide’s most important markets, and with extreme heat and glare for most of the year, our products continue to be a must for mariners operating in and around the Middle East. Last year, saw a significant rise in demand for Solarglide products in this region – as global temperatures continued to rise.

A Rise In Demand For Solarglide Products

Solarglide travel to Dubia

Whilst most people welcome warm weather, extreme heat can be detrimental on human health if there is no protection in place. This is particularly true on ships which have a high volume of windows. Shading in regions of extreme heat is important for protecting both crew and passengers during voyages to avoid danger to life.

Solarglide products shade and repel heat away from ships. They help improve visibility on the navigational bridge by eliminating glare and they help keep cabins cool during the day.

The Middle East Plays A Key Part In The Global Shipping Operations.

The temperatures in Dubai during February are in the mid to high twenties. Making it an enjoyable time to visit. As the months roll past March, temperatures climb considerably higher, making it less enjoyable to be outside for long periods of time. Keeping cool whilst at sea in hot climates is essential.

The visit to Dubai was extremely productive and memorable and highlighted the importance of international partnerships and friendships. Here are some photos that capture the essence of Solarglide’s trip to the Middle East. A big thank you to our extended family for the kindness and hospitality shown during our visit. We feel blessed to have such wonderful partners.

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