Solarglide compete in the world’s biggest half marathon. The Great North Run

Solarglide compete in the world’s biggest half marathon. The Great North Run

Solarglide raise over £600 for St Oswalds Hospice and compete in the world’s biggest half marathon. The Great North Run


Solarglide raise over £600 for local Charity ‘St Oswalds Hospice’ Just when the UK thought summer had been a complete washout this year, out comes the glorious heat and sunshine for the month of September. Great for relaxing in the garden or enjoying food and drinks outside; not so great for the running community embarking on a Great North Run half marathon, but Solarglide Limited we were up for the challenge.

Once again, Solarglide took part in the world’s biggest half marathon and raise over £600 for local Newcastle charity ‘St Oswald’s Hospice’. The team at St Oswald’s do a remarkable job, not only caring for unwell children, but for also supporting their families and relatives. St Oswalds Charity are an exceptional charity that do so much for the local community of Newcastle and the Northeast.


The Red Arrows Send Goosebumps Down The Spine

60,000 runners took part this year, and the event marked the final run for the legendary long distance runner Sir Mo Farah. Mo completed this year’s run in 1:03.28, finishing 4th place overall.

 The sun was relentless, much hotter than many of the previous years gone by. But runners were vigilant and water stations were plentiful on the route. Personal bests were off the table this year, instead getting round safely was a priority.

 ‘Oggy oggy oggy’ could be heard in the tunnels and under the fly overs, and the supporters that lined the route were as magnificent as ever. Local people offered lollies, orange slices, jelly babies and drinks to the runners as they passed through. The red arrows flew over at the start and at the finish line sending goosebumps down the spines of most runners and spectators. Then came the rain, downpours so heavy, that you were drenched to the bone. Jurassic rain drops that were so big, it turned roads into rivers !


Solarglide Sign Up For Another Great North Run In 2024


With medals in hand, another year concludes as we click the link in our inbox to sign up again for next year’s run. Come join us if you’re up for the challenge in 2024


Solarglide Anti-Glare Solar Screens. It’s What We Do When We Are Not Running Marathons !

Solarglide Anti-glare solar screens’ onboard the navigational bridge of MS Bolette – installed before the vessel was renamed back in 2019. Anti-Glare solar screen assist with glare and heat control on the bridge area and are proven to make vessel navigation safer for both crew and passengers.


A selection of Solarglide Solar Screens

Looking for the ultimate anti-glare marine protection for your cruise ship, ferry or commercial vessel? Solarglide is the leading name within the marine blinds industry, servicing boat blinds, window film and Type Approved solar screen products throughout the shipping industry. The first company in the world to obtain Type Approval for marine solar screens, Solarglide are an internationally recognised marine company that specialises in an extensive range of luxurious solar blinds for commercial ships, cruise liners, military crafts, accommodation modules, offshore cranes and ferries.

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