Marine Dimout Blinds

Shading Solutions for Ships, Ferries and Cruiseliners

Whether you’re looking to shield passengers from the sun or create a controlled lighting environment on your vessel, Solarglide dimout blinds are a great solution.

Unlike blackout screens they’re slightly transparent, allowing some visibility to the outside world and low levels of light transmission indoors too. They’ll also reduce heat and block out dangerous UV radiation – perfect for protecting internal furnishings from fading.

Every dimout blind in our range is made using IMO approved fabrics and comes in a choice of two fabrics.

Our Roe fabric reduces solar glare while allowing natural light to enter your vessel. This fabric is perfect in areas where light and visibility are important, such as waiting areas, receptions, onboard bars, restaurants and lounges.

Roe fabrics are all flame retardant and come in a range of seven neutral colours including beige, light grey and the ever-popular bronze. Made up of 30% polyester and 70% PVC, it conforms to flame retardancy BS5867, Part 2: Type B 2008.

Softer and available in a wider range of 48 colours, our carnival dimout fabric is treated to prevent mould, bacteria and fungi. This fabric is also idea to help alleviate the symptoms of hay fever by preventing pollens entering the ship in port.

Carnival dimout fabric offers a good level of privacy but still allows lots of light into the interior space. Conforms to flame retardancy BS5867, Part 2: Type B 2008

And the details?

Solarglide’s dimout screens are available in:
Operating mechanisms include:
single pulley
centre pull handle
level pegs
cable guides
Solarglide’s dimout blind prevent soft furnishing from fading, reduce temperatures by up to 15°C in warm climates and are robust and durable for installation on cruise ships and ferries.

The fabrics are all IMO FR approved and come in a range of 60 fabric colour options. Powder coated profiles in white and grey come as standard, but other colours are available on request.