Solar Screens & Blinds

Looking for glare reduction, dimout or complete blackout blinds for your vessel?

We have tailor made, marine tested blinds to suit your needs. Design everything to your specifications, from the fabric and colour through to the operation of the blind.

Our solar screens are Type Approved and comply with SOLAS bridge navigational safety regulations.  They can be made to fit any window shape and can be operated manually or automatically.  We can manufacture to tight deadlines and ship across the world.

Talk to our team of experts today and find a solution for your vessel, that fits within your budget.

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Solar Screens

Our most popular range, SG Glider.  Reduce incoming solar heat by up to 15°C and glare by 93% with the type approved, SOLAS compliant retractable solar screens.
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Blackout Blinds

Our SG Lunaglider range.  Eliminate 99% of incoming light, whilst reducing cabin temperatures by up to 15°C with blackout blinds.
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Dimout Blinds

Our SG Silhouette range.  Provide private, comfortable onboard spaces without eliminating light completely with the retractable dimout blind.
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Twin Roller Blinds

Our Dual 24 range.  Twin roller blinds allow you to combine any of our films, fabrics and colours, providing 24-hour protection and comfort for your onboard spaces.
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