Solar Screens

SG Glider

Marine tested, type approved and fully compliant with SOLAS bridge navigational safety regulations, our solar screens will keep your officers and crew safe and comfortable at sea, whilst reducing your HVAC costs.

Our SG Glider range includes the more popular cassetted version as well as the Air (non-cassetted), Auto (Motorised) and Eco (Solar Powered) options, with a range of mechanisms to suit.

We can tailor our solar screens to bespoke window configurations, to fit any shape.  They’re easy to install, durable and come with a 7 year warranty as standard.

To find out how installing SG Glider Solar Screens will benefit your vessel or to request a quote, enquire today.


Up-to 93% solar glare reduction
Choose from 4 film options
Reduce temperatures by up to 15ºC
Improved navigational equipment screen visibility
Unobtrusive designs to fit any shaped window
Reduce maintenance and energy costs

Options Available:

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